USL At a Glance

United Securities Ltd, USL (DSE TREC No: 207) is a subsidiary of United Group, one of the biggest business conglomerate in Bangladesh, which provides comprehensive brokerage services to its local and foreign clients in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. At USL, unlike the existing conventional brokerage platforms, we believe the trust of the clients is the main ingredient of success which can only be achieved by putting the client’s interest first and by taking investment decision with adequate basis. We strongly back our clients with the best research insights and believe investing in stocks can only bring good when we can guide our clients to sustainably grow their wealth. In addition to brokerage services USL also provides advisory services to help manage client investment.

In keeping with the vision of “Client’s Interest First”, within only 3 months from its inception in July’2018, USL was ranked 5th in terms of turnover in the DSE, which also bears witness to the guidance and leadership of the industry best and veteran professionals in USL.

USL Foreign Desk facilitates international investment in Bangladesh, through the Bloomberg Terminal: USL <GO>, where the highly capable research team publishes quality and timely investment insights on Bangladesh Market, Economy and Specific Company Overviews.