United Makkah Madina Travel Assistance Co. Ltd. embarked upon its mission to be a facilitator and guide for the hajjis during this holy duty. Recognized as one of the few registered travel agencies authorized to deal with all Hajj and Umrah matters, this company has been organizing such trips for nearly a decade now.

By being fair and honest in our dealings and a strong adherence to the Quran and Sunnah we have, by the Grace of the Almighty, become a market leader in this profession. A testament of this lies in the fact that almost all our dedicated clients have come to us based on referrals they get from pilgrims who have honored us in the past by choosing to travel with us.

Our goal has been to provide an environment where the hajjis bond with strong communal feelings, where they help each other through this journey. We strive to ensure that the experience remains unforgotten.