At A Glance

At Chef’s Table, customers get to experience a unique culinary journey featuring some of the most popular cuisines such as Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Fast Food, Fine Dining, Vegan and so on. The versatile cuisines are perfect for those looking to taste a wide range of food items from different restaurants all under one roof.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all outlets of Chef’s Table implemented a series of strict safety protocols and disinfection methods in order to ensure that the customers continue to enjoy a safe dining experience in our premises.


Chef’s Table Gulshan

Encompassing of 27,000 sq. ft. area and with over 600 seating arrangements, Chef’s Table Gulshan embodies Dhaka’s multifaceted food culture. Whether it is for casual hangouts or intimate dinners, Chef’s Table Gulshan provides the perfect dining experience for all occasions.

Since its inception, Chef’s Table Gulshan has changed the food scenery of Dhaka through its one-of-a-kind dining structure. Whether it is the local delights, Indian, Italian, Spanish or American, Chef’s Table Gulshan provides it all.

With proper hygiene and sanitization, customers will be able to enjoy their meals without any worries.


Chef’s Table Dhanmondi

Designed to have an assortment of various cuisine targeted towards the customers in Dhaka’s busiest areas, Chef’s Table Dhanmondi is the go-to place to make fun memories with families and friends. Like its Gulshan counterpart, Chef’s Table Dhanmondi also provides vast culinary highlights under one roof for all foodies.

Kept clean and crisp, Chef’s Table continues to cater to the customers through social distancing measures and hygiene practices.


Chef’s Table Courtside

Away from the bustling life of the city, Chef’s Table Courtside is the perfect place to not only spend time with loved ones but also enjoy the serene nature while binging on all kinds of cuisines. Situated in United City, Madani Avenue, it has more than 180,000 sq. ft. area for food lovers and sports fans who are looking for a spot to indulge in athletic activities. Every day, an average of 5000 customers spend their quality time here with their friends and family.

Children get to explore different outdoor activities like Tree House at Mini Jungle, Sand-pit, Airplane, Pirate Ship etc. In addition, they will also get to enjoy at the play zone situated inside Chef’s Table Courtside.

The tranquil beauty of Chef’s Table Courtside makes it an ideal place to host special events and spend quality time with our loved ones without worrying about the busy hustles of regular life. So, sit back and relax at the beautiful landscape of Chef’s Table Courtside.