Retail & Services Division

Retail & Services Division

Bangladesh’s ever-growing economic advancement will not be complete without the development in its service industry. Bangladesh’s service sector has registered a steady growth in the recent years and is projected to continue its growth. The performance of the service sector has significant impact in a country’s economy. In the process of global economic integration, competitiveness plays a vital role in the success of international trade; competition in the services sector therefore can influence competitiveness of our economy. The services sector is difficult to define and to encompass. United’s unique understanding of the country as a whole and its people have allowed to identify the key areas where telling contribution may be made in the services sector. Be it providing end to end construction solutions to travel assistance to capital market, retail and power plant operation and maintenance, United has successfully created a unique example of dedication in client service in the service industry of Bangladesh.



United Makkah Madina Travel Assistance Co. Ltd. embarked upon its mission to be a facilitator and guide for the hajjis during this holy duty.


United Energy Trading Pte. Ltd. (UETPL) is a Singapore based, 100% subsidiary company of United Group or outsourcing procurement for the projects undertaken by United Group.

United Securities Limited

United Securities Ltd, USL (DSE TREC No: 207) is a subsidiary of United Group, one of the biggest business conglomerate in Bangladesh, which provides comprehensive brokerage services to its local and foreign clients in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. At USL, unlike the existing conventional brokerage platforms we believe trust of the clients is the main ingredient of success which can only be achieved by putting the client’s interest first and by taking investment decision with adequate basis. We strongly back our clients with best research insights and believe investment in stocks can only bring good when we can guide our clients to sustainably grow their wealth. In addition to brokerage services USL also provides advisory services to help manage client investment.

Orange IT Ltd & Orange Solutions Ltd

Orange Solutions Ltd. (OSL) and Orange IT Ltd. (OIL) are the youngest tech ventures of United Group which aim to cover the complete business automation solution. Holistically they cover ERP Solutions, Business Process Automation, Web & Smart apps, Business Intelligence, IT infrastructure development, etc. OSL provides an integrated business processor that runs the entire business in real-time from a centralized system by using the latest technology.


United Engineering & Power Services Ltd. (UEPSL) is the Largest Local Power Plant Operation and Maintenance company in Bangladesh and is a subsidiary of United Group. It provides a one-stop operation & maintenance solution for power project developers, especially for Independent Power Producers (IPP), where availability is crucial for profitability & sustainability of the business.


Wellbeing Pharmacy, a trade mark of United Pharma & Healthcare Ltd and a sister concern of United Group, specializes in bringing the authenticity with all kinds of Medical Essentials & Lifestyle Products as authenticity and reliability are two of the main concerns when we get to choose the necessities for the Wellbeing of our beloved ones.

Chef's Table

At Chef’s Table, customers get to experience a unique culinary journey featuring some of the most popular cuisines such as Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Fast Food, Fine Dining, Vegan and so on. The versatile cuisines are perfect for those looking to taste a wide range of food items from different restaurants all under one roof. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all outlets of Chef’s Table implemented a series of strict safety protocols and disinfection methods in order to ensure that the customers continue to enjoy a safe dining experience in our premises.


Being a state-of-the-art hypermarket chain in Dhanmondi and Gulshan, UNIMART provides a unique shopping experience for everyone. UNIMART not only has daily necessities like vegetables, groceries, apparel etc. but also provides the customers with high-end, imported products of superior quality. A clean and hygienic space with easy access to all products, UNIMART is the go-to choice for shoppers and busy bees who will find their all necessities under one roof.


From baked goods to delicious pastries and savory snacks, Indulge provides scrumptious light snacks for a quick bite. Busy bees who barely get the time to sit and have their meals will be delighted to find freshly brewed tea or coffee and grab and go food items which they can easily munch on their way to work or important meetings. Currently there are four branches of Indulge out of which three are situated in Gulshan Unimart, Dhanmondi Chef’s Table & Wari Unimart. The fourth one in Banani is the first independent outlet which aims to provide quick & easy snacks for the residents and office goers of the area.