Welcome to the country’s first and most diversified leisure, tourism and business service project. This venture will serve the country’s tourism and business sectors as well as cater to a demanding consumer market that is taking off in Bangladesh.

IPCO’s objective is to set new standard in the hospitality industry by bringing together international service, quality and Bangladeshi culture ambience. The 4 Star Hotel with about 300 rooms and a huge Shopping Arcade are set to add a new dimension to the country’s entertainment industry and business sectors as well as boost the national economy.Adjacent to the 4 Star Hotel and Shopping Arcade, the 5 Star Hotel has about 400 rooms of luxury and comfort.

A fully decked business center and a large 50m lap swimming pool are only a few of the features that it boasts for business persons, tourists and holiday makers. Guests can also take advantage of the fact that there are no shopping or commercial outlets within the 5 Star Hotel Premises, so designed to reduce excess noise and traffic as well as increase privacy for the guests.As the capital of a fastest growing developing country teeming with opportunities, Dhaka is yet to have a world class entertainment and leisure facility.

The Shopping Arcade, an integral part of the 4 Star Airport Hotel and named as ‘Airport Village’, will cater to shoppers with a wide range of consumer goods and world class entertainment facilities.

The Shopping Arcade has been conceived as the most advanced shopping complex with a diversified range of retail consumer mix in order to cater to upcoming local and international clientele at the very gateway to the country. This will substantially reduce pressure on the existing retail facilities and contribute to decongestion of traffic in most city areas. At the same time it will provide shoppers with access to the best environment in terms of shopping, leisure and entertainment. The arcade features a large supermarket and department store with backup cold storage facilities.

There are cinemas, restaurants and food courts with fast food outlets and coffee shops on each floor. The overall design and layout is engineered to make the arcade an interesting, entertaining and a pleasing experience of a one-stop shopping, entertainment and commercial hub. Breaking new ground in retail development the Shopping Arcade is Dhaka’s newest sensation in shopping, taking in the most distinctive selection of retailers covering almost every area of a consumer’s need.

The Shopping Arcade has been built adhering to strict international guidelines that are reflected in its unique interior design and architecture and top quality safety facilities. It will also receive significant patronage from guests in the adjacent 4 Star Hotel as the two complexes are joined by access stairs and lifts at different levels. The Shopping Arcade and Office facilities are located beside the airport connected by separate link road off the highway with a secure car parking facility for approximately 1600 cars