Bangladesh is blessed with a rapidly growing economy and a strong human resource base to support it. What it lacks, however, is a good infrastructural support system to keep pace with her rapidly growing economy mainly in the sectors of power, good road network, or even proper commercial hubs to house new companies who would like to make Dhaka their new point of commerce.

United Group, has been deeply involved in providing solutions to the aforementioned for over a decade now.

United House is already a key example of such a project, which is one of the fist intelligent buildings of its kind in the country. Other than its aesthetically pleasing outlook and excellent office features, what makes it stand out is its 90+ parking facility which is of great comfort to the tenants, their clients, and the Gulshan Society in general.



Gulshan Centre Point is a 26 storied, state-of-the-art, energy efficient, mixed use development, conveniently located at the beating heart of Gulshan - 2. The building is designed by the best architectural, structural and mechanical consultant from Bangladesh and abroad. Gulshan Centre Point is set out to be a blend of post -modern and contemporary urban design, a commanding edifice in the Dhaka skyline.

The dignity of the corporate worlds and the vibrance of retail arena coexist in harmony through the establishment of independent entry points through separate access roads. It is a perfect embodiment of the yin and yang, striking a balance between two very different functional spheres.