At a Glance

United Group acquired the 716 hectares Moulvi Tea Garden in Sylhet, recently. At the time of takeover, only a portion of the land were utilized for plantation and the potential was partially utilized

The factory needed both quality and process improvement at different level of production to finished goods resulting a poor return from products sold in the market. United Group has taken certain steps to improve the situation and brought in nearly 60,000 tea plants into production cycle. The quality of the tea has also improved with the use of improved production inputs. This has resulted in significant improvement in selling price of the tea produced in this garden (From TK160/Kg to TK 286/kg)

United group has set a target of achieving 400,000 kg of tea per year by 2021and our long term goal is to produce 800,000 kg per year by 2025. We are building new factories, developing unutilized land under production, tractors and other equipment towards this end. We are also developing the nursery to produce 200,000 saplings from existing 40,000 per year. Our long term objective is to produce 600,000 sapling per year.

The landscape of the whole garden is being designed to make it one of the best tea garden in Bangladesh. We are also working towards improvement of the living standard of the labourers and staff involved with the garden. A new school building is being constructed along with a new health clinic. We are also ensuring to provide safe water as well as crass houses and shelter. We will also arrange training and development programs for all our employees and workers to improve their skill and ability to contribute for overall development of the garden. 

Key Points:

  • Total Manpower: 601
  • Short Term Goal: 400,000 kg/year of tea production
  • Long Term Goal: 800,000 kg/year of tea production
  • 5,000 Shade Trees were planted with a goal to plant 8,000 more trees in the near future thus further reducing the carbon foot-print