At A Glance

United Energy Ltd. (UEL) has a combined installed capacity of 81 MW across 2 power plants in Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria and Kumargaon, Sylhet.

The power generation facility in Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria (previously known as United Ashuganj Power Ltd.), is a 53 MW Natural gas fired Quick Rental Power Plant, was completed within a record time-frame of 120 days. Initially entering into a 3 years contract, and later extended for a term of 5 years, with Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) on 23rd December 2010 for the supply of Electricity on Rental basis, this project started its Commercial Operation on 22nd June 2011. The works of the plant included the construction of 230/11 KV substation, 2 km 230 KV Overhead lines comprising of 4 steel lattice towers of 40m height & 230 KV Underground cable, Gas regulating & metering station with 1.5 km 150 psi gas pipeline, along with the construction of the main plant consisting of Fourteen (14) sets of MWM Germany TCG2032V16 gas engines all completed within a period of 120 days as per the contract. The total EPC works was accomplished by Neptune Commercial Ltd (NCL), a subsidiary of United Group and was financed by Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius.

The facility in Kumargaon, Sylhet (previously known as Shajahanullah Power Generation Company Ltd.) was set up as a Commercial Independent Power Plant to cater to the ever-increasing electricity demand of industrial and commercial projects in the Sylhet zone. The 28 MW power plant consists of Three (3) Rolls-Royce Norway B35:40V20AG2 engines. The generated electricity is being supplied to Rural Electrification Board of Bangladesh (REB) and Bangladesh Power Development Board. The project construction was entirely done by Neptune Commercial Ltd., a subsidiary of United Group, financed through a consortium of local banks.

UEL, Ashuganj

Number of Generators: 14 units each of capacity 4 MW
Genset Model: MWM Germany TCG2032V16
Capacity: 53 Megawatts (Total)
Commercial Operation Date (COD): June 22nd, 2011
Clientele: Bangladesh Power Development Board


UEL, Sylhet

Number of Generators: 3 units each of capacity 9.34 MW
Genset Model: Rolls-Royce Norway B35:40V20AG2
Capacity: 28 Megawatts
Commercial Operation Date (COD): November, 2013
Clientele: Bangladesh Power Development Board
Rural Electrification Board